Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who we could have had in Leafland

The Toronto Maple Leafs have made numerous trades in the history of the franchise and we have decided to take a look at the draft picks they were traded away from 1995 up until the lockout year and see if we would have been better off if we had retained the pick then give it away.

1995-96 Season

Wendel Clark, Mathieu Schneider and DJ Smith from the New York Islanders for Kenny Jonsson, Darby Hendrickson, Sean Haggerty and the Leafs 1st Round pick in 1997.

Player Taken by Islanders G- Roberto Luongo

Outcome- Luongo looks to be Canada's number one goalie in Vancouver 2010, the Leafs would have been set between the pipes for years, now part of the Vancouver Canucks organization.

1996-97 Season

Darby Hendrickson from the New York Islanders for the Leafs 5th Round pick in 1998

Player Taken by Islanders F- Jiri Dopita

Outcome- Dopita never played an NHL game

Craig Wolanin from the Tampa Bay Lightning for the Leafs 3rd Round pick in 1998

Player Taken by Oilers(via Lightning) D- Alex Henry

Outcome- Henry has played a total of 177 NHL games mostly for the Minnesota Wild currently a part of Montreal Canadians organization, Leafs have depth at backend.

Jason Smith, Steve Sullivan and Alyn McCauley from New Jersey Devils for Doug Gilmour, Dave Ellett and the Leafs 3rd Round pick in 1999

Player Taken by Devils D- Andre Lakos

Outcome- Lakos has never played an NHL game.

Kelly Chase from Hartford Whalers now Carolina Hurricanes for the Leafs 8th Round pick in 1998

Player Taken by Whalers/Hurricanes F- Jaroslav Svoboda

Outcome- Svoboda is a lesser version of Ponikarovsky has played in 144 NHL games

1997-98 Season

Jeff Brown from the Carolina Hurricanes for the Leafs 4th Round pick in 1999.

Player Taken by Predators(via Hurricanes) F- Evgeny Pavlov

Outcome- Pavlov never played an NHL game

1998-99 Season

Bryan Bedard and the New York Islanders 6th Round pick for Felix Potvin and the Leafs 6th Round pick in 1999.

Player Taken by Lightning (via Islanders) F- Fedor Fedorov

Outcome- Fedor is Sergei's little brother, played total of 12 NHL games.

Yanic Perreault from the Los Angeles Kings for Jason Podollan and the Leafs 3rd Round pick in 1999.

Player Taken by Kings G- Cory Campbell

Outcome- Campbell has never played an NHL game.

1999-2000 Season

Dmitri Khristich's rights from the Boston Bruins for the Leafs 2nd Round pick in 2000.

Player Taken by the Bruins F- Ivan Huml

Outcome- Huml has played in a total of 49 NHL games.

Darcy Tucker and a 4th Round pick from Tampa Bay Lightning for Mike Johnson, Marek Posmyk and the Leafs 5th & 6th Round picks in 2000

Players Taken by the Lightning F-Pavel Sedov, D- Aaron Gionet

Outcome- Sedov & Gionet have played in no NHL games.

2000-01 Season

Bryan McCabe from the Chicago Blackhawks for Alexander Karpovtsen and the Leafs 4th Round pick in 2001.

Player Taken by the Blackhawks D- Vladimir Gusev

Outcome- Gusev has played in no NHL games.

Aki Berg from the Los Angeles Kings for Adam Mair and the Leafs 2nd Round pick in 2001.

Player Taken by the Kings F- Mike Cammalleri

Outcome- Cammalleri has had 132 goals in 364 games played is now a part of the Montreal Canadians organization, would be top six forward in Leafs lineup.

2001-02 Season

Tom Barrasso from the Carolina Hurricanes for the Leafs 4th Round pick in 2003

Player Taken by the Hurricanes G- Kevin Nastiuk

Outcome- Nastiuk has never played an NHL game

2002-03 Season

Owen Nolan from the San Jose Sharks for Alyn McCauley, Brad Boyes and the Leafs 1st Round pick in 2003

Player Taken by the Bruins (via Sharks) D- Mark Stuart

Outcome- Stuart has appeared in 196 NHL games and is a regular stay at home defensemen with the Bruins, possible regular Leafs starter #5 or #6 defensemen

Glen Wesley from the Carolina Hurricanes for the Leafs 2nd Round pick in 2004

Player Taken by the Bluejackets (via Hurricanes) D- Kyle Wharton

Outcome- Wharton has yet to play an NHL game

Doug Gilmour from the Montreal Canadians for the Leafs 6th Round pick in 2003

Player Taken by the Canadians D- Mark Flood

Outcome- Flood has yet to play an NHL game

2003-04 Season

Brian Leetch from the New York Rangers in exchange for Maxim Kondratiev, Jarkko Immonen and the Leafs 1st Round pick in 2004 and 2nd Round pick in 2005.

Players Taken by Flames (Via Rangers)/Rangers F- Kris Chucko & D- Michael Sauer

Outcome- Chucko has played in 2 NHL games so far while Sauer has yet to play an NHL game

Ron Francis from the Carolina Hurricanes for the Leafs 4th round pick in 2005

Player Taken by Bluejackets (via Hurricanes) F- Jared Boll

Outcome- Boll is a regular with the Bluejackets playing in 150 NHL games so far, Boll would be on the Leafs 4th line

There seems to be alot of talk about the Leafs giving up alot of picks but after reviewing the draft list in our time horizon for the most part the Maple Leafs obtained players who would play many seasons in the blue and white and take on significant roles and all but possibly 4 out of the 20 picks would be on the Leafs current roster. There is of course Roberto Luongo who the Leafs would have been set in goal for many years to come but as is the risk of trading away your picks for that chance at Lord Stanley.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Leafs announce Jason Allison coming to camp

The Toronto Maple Leafs have announced that former center Jason Allison has been invited to training camp to see if he still has anything left. Allison will attend the Leafs training camp without a contract and has not played in the NHL since the 2005-06 season. Brian Burke wants to make the post season and he knows that the Leafs have nothing to lose by giving the 34 year old a chance to crack the lineup, if he made the team, he would most likely being offered the league minimum in salary. Jason Allison's greatest season in the league was the 2000-01 with Boston where he notched 95 points in 82 games. The best part of Allison is we wont need instant reply to watch any of his goals as he is not the fastest skater in the league from what most of us Leaf fans remember. We just want to offer Jason Allision the best of luck as he looks to revive his NHL career.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Colton Orr can change the Maple Leafs fortunes

Colton Orr the new Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer, will have his hands tied up literally this upcoming season as he takes on enforcers from around the NHL. He has the power in one fist to change the momentum in a game on his own, for any of us that have played the sport of hockey we know that, that one big goal or that one big hit or that big knockout can bring players to their feet and give you that extra jump and swagger that will help propel you to another level of play and none more then the big knockout. Colton Orr can change the Maple Leafs fortunes this season when he steps out on the ice, the Leafs for the first time in a long while will have a legitimate enforcer in the lineup each and every night and know that the have their backs covered if any situation arises, they will walk taller, they will play without fear. Colton Orr was undrafted and signed with the Boston Bruins in 2003 and did not score his first NHL goal until the 2006-07 season when he was member of the New York Rangers but he was not brought to town to score goals. The Leafs on too many nights over the past few seasons have been pushed around and on too many nights have had their better players run over or hit from behind. This will not be the case this season because there will be consequences, so Kaberle can move around a little more freely and Grabovski can focus on playing his game until at least he faces the Kostitsyns (we have to admit that rivalry is pretty entertaining), Colton Orr had 18 NHL fights last season and in most cases did not end up on the losing end, this alone will keep him in the lineup game in and game out. We Leaf fans will count on Ron Wilson to tap the 6'3 225 pounder on the shoulder when things get a little out of line on the ice and in those few minutes of ice time Colton Orr could just change the game. Welcome to Toronto Colton, Leafs Nation is anticipating your presence.

Colton Orr on the Tube

vs Andrew Peters (BUF)(Oct 15/08)

vs Zach Stortini (EDM)(Nov 10/08)

vs Eric Godard (PIT)(Dec 3/08)

vs Eric Godard (PIT)(Jan 5/09)

vs Michael Rupp (NJ)(Feb 9/09)

vs Chris Stewart (Col)(Feb 28/09)

vs Riley Cote (PHI)(Mar 14/09)

Colton Orr Big Knockout

vs Todd Fedoruk (PHI)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Will any Maple Leaf score 30 goals this season

The days keep winding down to the open of the 2009-10 season and myself like many Maple Leafs sit pondering who will score this season for the Leafs and will any Maple Leaf actually crack the 30 goal mark? The last time that this has happened in Leafland with a player not named Mats Sundin, we have to go all the way back to the 2002-03 season when Alex Mogilny scored 33. The question is will a player step up and hit the 30 goal mark for the first time in his career or will a player that has reached that plateau do it again. Jason Blake is the only Leafs player currently on the roster who has cracked the 30 goal mark when he scored 40 goals his last season on Long Island before signing a very generous contract with the Leafs but since joining the blue and white has scored 40 goals combined over the past two seasons but there is always a chance a player will crack the mark so we take a look at who has the potential to reach the this target as well look for a goal scoring highlight in every players description.

Best Bets

Mikhail Grabovski- The Leafs potential number one centerman will do well not take a few months off like he did in his first full season in the league when he scored 20. Offensively gifted best shot at cracking the mark.

Niklas Hagman- The Finnish winger scored 22 goals in 65 games and would have scored 28 if prorated for a full season. Hagman scored one of the best goals of the NHL season and if he gets top two line minutes should crack the mark.

Medium Odds

Alexei Ponikarovsky- The Leafs veteran winger has scored 20 goals three out of his last four season. Ponikarovsky looked good playing along side Grabovski and Kulemin if they continue together could crack the mark.

Nikolai Kulemin- The kid can play hockey and isnt afraid to get his nose dirty, looked more comfertable with Ponikarovsky and Grabovski towards seasons end chipping in 15 goals in his rookie year. Kulemin could crack the mark if he gets top two line minutes.


Jason Blake- The only Leaf to ever surpass the mark but after the Moore trade cooled off from his hot streak to finish the season with 25 goals. Blake can skate like the wind and may crack the mark if he plays all season with the same passion he showed when teamed up with Moore as his center, linemates would feed off his energy as well.

Jiri Tlusty- Tlusty spent most of the season with the Marlies but was on fire when he was returned to them after a brief call up mid season and finished a point a game player with 25 goals in which five goals where in one game with the Leafs AHL affiliate. Tlusty will need to make the team first but with confidence and minutes he may crack the mark.

There will be 18 skaters on the ice minus the keepers come opening night against the Montreal Canadiens will any be able to crack the mark? We will have to wait most of the season to find out.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Toronto Maple Leafs release TV Schedule

The Toronto Maple Leafs have released their 2009-10 broadcast schedule and the Leafs will have all 82 Regular Season games broadcast as well as nine pre-season games. The Maple Leafs will carry 13 Regular Season games on Leafs TV, 28 on Sportsnet Ontario, 17 on TSN and 24 on CBC.

Toronto Maple Leafs NHL TV Schedule


16 vs Boston (TSN2)
17 at Philadelphia (Leafs TV)
18 at Pittsburgh (Leafs TV)
19 vs Philadelphia (Leafs TV)
22 vs Pittsburgh (TSN)
23 at Buffalo (Leafs TV)
25 at Detroit (Leafs TV)
26 vs Detroit (CBC)
27 vs Buffalo (Leafs TV)

Regular Season


1 vs Montreal (CBC)
3 at Washington (CBC)
6 vs Ottawa (TSN)
10 vs Pittsburgh (CBC)
12 at NY Rangers (Sportsnet)
13 vs Colorado (Leafs TV)
17 vs NY Rangers (CBC)
24 at Vancouver (CBC)
26 at Anaheim (Leafs TV)
28 at Dallas (TSN)
30 at Buffalo (Sportsnet)
31 at Montreal (CBC)

3 vs Tampa Bay (Sportsnet)
6 at Carolina (Leafs TV)
7 vs Detroit (CBC)
10 vs Minnesota (Sportsnet)
13 at Chicago (Sportsnet)
14 vs Calgary (CBC)
17 at Ottawa (Sportsnet)
19 at Carolina (TSN)
21 vs Washington (CBC)
23 vs NY Islanders (Sportsnet)
25 at Tampa Bay (TSN)
27 at Florida (Leafs TV)
30 vs Buffalo (Sportsnet)


1 at Montreal (TSN)
3 at Columbus (Leafs TV)
5 at Boston (CBC)
7 vs Atlanta (Sportsnet)
9 vs NY Islanders (TSN)
10 at Boston (Leafs TV)
12 vs Washington (CBC)
14 vs Ottawa (Sportsnet)
16 vs Phoenix (TSN)
18 at Buffalo (TSN)
19 vs Boston (CBC)
21 vs Buffalo (Sportsnet)
23 at NY Islanders (Leafs TV)
26 vs Montreal (CBC)
27 at Pittsburgh (Leafs TV)
30 at Edmonton (Sportsnet)


2 at Calgary (CBC)
5 vs Florida (Sportsnet)
6 at Philadelphia (TSN)
8 at Buffalo (Sportsnet)
9 vs Pittsburgh (CBC)
12 vs Carolina (Sportsnet)
14 vs Philadelphia (TSN)
15 at Washington (TSN)
18 at Nashville (Sportsnet)
19 at Atlanta (Leafs TV)
21 at Tampa Bay (TSN)
23 at Florida (CBC)
26 vs Los Angeles (Sportsnet)
29 at New Jersey (TSN)
30 vs Vancouver (CBC)


2 vs New Jersey (Sportsnet)
5 at New Jersey (Sportsnet)
6 vs Ottawa (CBC)
8 vs San Jose (Sportsnet)
12 at St Louis (Leafs TV)


2 vs Carolina (Sportsnet)
4 at Boston (TSN)
6 at Ottawa (CBC)
7 at Philadelphia (Sportsnet)
9 vs Boston (Sportsnet)
11 vs Tampa Bay (Leafs TV)
13 vs Edmonton (CBC)
14 at NY Islanders (Leafs TV)
16 at Ottawa (Sportsnet)
18 vs New Jersey (TSN)
20 vs Montreal (CBC)
23 vs Florida (Sportsnet)
25 at Atlanta (Leafs TV)
27 vs NY Rangers (CBC)
28 at Pittsburgh (Sportsnet)
30 vs Atlanta (Sportsnet)


1 vs Buffalo (TSN)
3 vs Boston (CBC)
6 vs Philadelphia (Sportsnet)
7 at NY Rangers (TSN)
10 at Montreal (CBC)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Famous Maple Leafs Quotes

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been around for a long time and as the team gets closer to their 100th year Anniversary, we have decided to gather some of the better quotes from the team, as we look at players, management and even owners famous quotes of all time. There are even quotes from players or management that were one time members of the franchise but may have said this famous hockey quote as part of another team but they were just too good to pass up on so we have included them in our list.

Famous Quotes:

"I was happy to have an attraction in out building that we didnt have to pay for"
Harold Ballard

"Half the game is mental and the other half is being mental"
Jim McKenny

"Hockey is like a disease, you cant really shake it"
Ken Wregget

"I just made up my mind that I was going to lose my teeth and have my face cut to pieces"
Johnny Bower

"Its going to be good to be on his side for a change. Ill save a lot of energy since I dont have to concentrate on whacking him. Im pretty excited about that"
Doug Gilmour

"Playing goal is like being shot at"
Jacques Plante

"One road trip we were stuck on the runaway for seven hours. The plane kept driving until we arrived at the rink and then I realized we were on a bus"
Glenn Healy

"Put the kids in with a few old pappy guys who still like to win and the combination is unbeatable"
Conn Smythe

"Maybe Im hanging around with Dennis Rodman too much"
Dmitri Yushkevich

"Its not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts, its what you put into the practice"
Eric Lindros

"How would you like a job when everytime you make a mistake a red light goes on and 18,000 people boo"
Jacques Plante

"Empty net goals are for homos"
Al Iafrate

"If someone gave the Russians a football they would win the Super Bowl in two years"
Frank Mahovlich

"Thats a 12 year olds goal pads and its illegal, its tough to comment on these changes, if that pad I showed is illegal on a 12 year old then I think if they want more goals, they should take away our helmets"
Trevor Kidd

"There are a lot of things to see out there. a couple of highways, Im going to go check out the cars"
Alexander Mogilny

"Ive got nothing to say and Im only going to say it once"
Floyd Smith

"We just wanted to play an ugly game"
Bryan McCabe

"Hockey is a mans game and the team with the most real men wins"
Brian Burke

"I get paid for the practices, Id play the games for free"
Tim Horton

"If you got a chance to screw the government out of a few bucks you would do it too"
Harold Ballard

"Lose a game in this town and people want to put bullets in your boat, you guys think this is easy"
Pat Quinn

"Let me fight your toughest guy, if I win I get a spot on your team"
Tie Domi

"Optimism and hope are for teams that dont believe, we believe we can make the playoffs"
Darcy Tucker

"Your hunt for a goaltendeer is over"
Mike Palmateer

"Obviously we played all right, we lost a one goal game in double overtime"
Gary Roberts

"We were in disarray for a while, squeezing our sticks and thinking too much"
Mats Sundin

This is a special bonus quote from an unknown fan.

"Id trade Larry Murphy for a shaved monkey who could skate and a bucket full of pucks"
Angry Maple Leafs Fan

These are some of the better quotes we recall here at TML Fan Fury, feel free to post any other comments you may remember from anyone who at one point was part of the Maple Leafs organization.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Maple Leafs great Ted Kennedy passes away

Toronto Maple Leafs great Ted "Teeder" Kennedy passed away at the age of 83, the former Maple Leafs captain died in his native Port Colborne of congestive heart failure. Kennedy won five Stanley Cups as part of the Maple Leafs organization in what was considered the golden era of Toronto hockey. He currently sits 9th on the all time Maple Leafs scoring list with 560 points in 696 games and is the last Leaf to win the Hart Trophy as the leagues most valuable player in 1955. Teeder as he was know to teammates was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1966 and spent all 14 NHL seasons as a Maple Leaf. Ted Kennedy was also ranked as the second best Toronto Maple Leaf of all time according to the book "The Maple Leafs Top 100" only behind Dave Keon. Ted Kennedy will be missed and may he rest in peace.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Maple Leafs send Pogge to Anaheim

The Toronto Maple Leafs have shipped one time future Leafs number one goaltender Justin Pogge to the Anaheim Ducks for a conditional draft pick which is based on how Pogge plays with the team which considering his play with the Baby Leafs will probably amount to a 6th or 7th round pick. Pogge went 1-4-1 with the Leafs last season posting a goals against average of 4.35 and an .844 save percentage. In other news Brian Burke has signed former New York Islander goalkeeper Joey MacDonald to a one year contract, terms of the deal have not been disclosed to take Pogge's spot with the Marlies. MacDonald went 14-26-6 last season with a 3.37 goals against average and .901 save percentage.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

TML Fan Fury joins Sports Blog Net

TML Fan Fury is pleased to announce a partnership with Sports Blog Net. Sports Blog Net is currently built on the principal of making all blogs in the network as successful as possible. Both in terms of money and traffic. They want sports fans to Discover, Read, Write, and Build.

There goals are to get all the small blogs out to the masses, give new bloggers the ability to get the exposure they are looking for, and give sports fans a destination that they want to visit everyday. TML Fan Fury is looking forward to this partnership and hopes it is beneficial for both parties involved.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Could Kaberle be on way to Columbus for Brassard?

The Maple Leafs continue to look around the league for interest in one of their nine NHL calibre defensemen, the Leafs certainly can not be thinking of being the first team in hockey to dress eight defensemen in a game, can they? (lets hope not) The most interesting move for Brian Burke who looks to cut down the back end and shore up the front end is Tomas Kaberle. The longest serving Leaf continues to get plenty of interest from NHL teams and with his modest salary cap hit and his no trade clause only weeks away from kicking back in, Burke's constant denials of moving Kaberle could be just the opposite of what he is trying to do. The team that comes to mind with possibly the best fit for Kaberle's services could just be the Columbus Blue Jackets who are in need of a defensemen of Kaberle's skill. Columbus looks to capitalize on the momentum of their first playoff appearance last season and have close to $6 million in cap space. The next question would be who can the Leafs pry away from Columbus? Rick Nash (No), Nikita Filatov (think again), Steve Mason (Never). The logical player that Brian Burke should request in a trade with Columbus was last seasons rookie scoring leader Derick Brassard, now before all of you tell me that Brassard did not lead the league in rookie scoring you are correct but Brassard did lead the rookie scoring race until an injury sidelined him for the season. Brassard was on pace for a 66 point rookie campaign which would have given him the scoring title over Anaheim's Bobby Ryan by nine points. That total would have also given Brassard the Leafs scoring title for the season as well, in Brassard the Leafs would have one of the youngest one two punches down the middle in the league with Brassard and Mikail Grabovski. The young centerman has great vision and is not afraid to take a hit to make sure his plays are completed and more importantly the former one hundred plus scorer from the QMJHL just oozes offensive potential. Brian Burke could land his coveted number one centermen and this should be the only player that Burke should accept from Columbus in any trade talks with the team. The Maple Leafs need a number one centerman and could have found him in Derick Brassard, the only move for Burke with Columbus, if not then Kaberle should stay.