Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Colton Orr can change the Maple Leafs fortunes

Colton Orr the new Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer, will have his hands tied up literally this upcoming season as he takes on enforcers from around the NHL. He has the power in one fist to change the momentum in a game on his own, for any of us that have played the sport of hockey we know that, that one big goal or that one big hit or that big knockout can bring players to their feet and give you that extra jump and swagger that will help propel you to another level of play and none more then the big knockout. Colton Orr can change the Maple Leafs fortunes this season when he steps out on the ice, the Leafs for the first time in a long while will have a legitimate enforcer in the lineup each and every night and know that the have their backs covered if any situation arises, they will walk taller, they will play without fear. Colton Orr was undrafted and signed with the Boston Bruins in 2003 and did not score his first NHL goal until the 2006-07 season when he was member of the New York Rangers but he was not brought to town to score goals. The Leafs on too many nights over the past few seasons have been pushed around and on too many nights have had their better players run over or hit from behind. This will not be the case this season because there will be consequences, so Kaberle can move around a little more freely and Grabovski can focus on playing his game until at least he faces the Kostitsyns (we have to admit that rivalry is pretty entertaining), Colton Orr had 18 NHL fights last season and in most cases did not end up on the losing end, this alone will keep him in the lineup game in and game out. We Leaf fans will count on Ron Wilson to tap the 6'3 225 pounder on the shoulder when things get a little out of line on the ice and in those few minutes of ice time Colton Orr could just change the game. Welcome to Toronto Colton, Leafs Nation is anticipating your presence.

Colton Orr on the Tube

vs Andrew Peters (BUF)(Oct 15/08)

vs Zach Stortini (EDM)(Nov 10/08)

vs Eric Godard (PIT)(Dec 3/08)

vs Eric Godard (PIT)(Jan 5/09)

vs Michael Rupp (NJ)(Feb 9/09)

vs Chris Stewart (Col)(Feb 28/09)

vs Riley Cote (PHI)(Mar 14/09)

Colton Orr Big Knockout

vs Todd Fedoruk (PHI)

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