Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brian Burke toying with Peter Chiarelli and Glen Sather

Brian Burke made a very interesting move over the weekend when he acquired the Maple Leafs second round pick for the 2010 draft from the Chicago Blackhawks for the Leafs second round and third round picks for the 2011 draft. This move allows the Leafs to be players if they decide to go out and sign a high priced restricted free agent as the compensation if the team does not match the Leafs offer sheet would be the teams first, second and third rounders from the 2010 draft. The two players being talked about out there are the Bruins Phil Kessel and the Rangers Brandon Dubinsky. Phil Kessel registered 60 points with 36 goals while Brandon Dubinsky registered 41 points with 13 goals on paper this looks like a no brainer for Kessel but Dubinsky fits more the mold of what Brian Burke is looking for with the team and thats a player with some sandpaper. In the end should Burke offer an offer sheet to one of these players i think not, why would he do such a thing when the Leafs could be just toying with both Chiarelli and Sather looking to make a deal with two teams that are close to the cap and are having a tough time fitting these players requested salaries into their team payroll. The Leafs have nothing to lose here as either player would be a welcome addition to the team that looks hard pressed to score goals this upcoming season. The fact that the Leafs have the picks from each of the first three rounds from the 2010 draft just lets the teams they are negotiating with know that they can make your job miserable and lay down an offer sheet to any of these players if we feel that what your offering or wanting in return is not to our liking. The Leafs have acquired a great hand over the weekend and if we were playing poker the Leafs would be closing in on a flush, they question is will they play the hand and wait for the river card to turn or will Burke fold when he gets the deal he is looking for, only Burke knows the answer to that.


  1. If we offer sheet Dubinsky I'm going to cry myself to sleep.

  2. I love Dubinsky, but we don't need another center.

  3. At least you will get some sleep Chemmy... I know I won't