Monday, May 17, 2010

Its time for the Leafs to change goal horn

The playoffs continue and we Leaf fans continue to enjoy the games without our beloved squad in the post season. There is a lot of talk in the blog world when it comes to the Leafs pertaining to free agents, trades and what the club can muster in the draft. 

I have decided to take another route at the moment and blog about another thing that the club can look into this off season at the Air Canada Centre and that is to change the goal horn to something a little more lively. The fans at the games in most cases are too quiet for my liking and without the scoreboard telling people when to cheer and chant who knows if any sound would come out especially from the platinum section. 

The one thing the brings the crowd to life is a goal by the home side and why not keep that energy alive just for a bit longer with a great goal horn. The clubs in the NHL with some of the best goal horns in no particular order to me are the Islanders, Capitals and Habs but one of my all time favourites is the former NHL club the Quebec Nordiques. (see below)

This is the current Maple Leafs goal horn

What I think would best suit the club is to take the end of the current goal celebration which is the plane taking off and intensifying the jet ten fold to the point where the club does not use any boat horn at all just the sound of a plane taking off from down a runway with a loud sound of thunder rocking through the stadium, for anyone who has had the luxury of going down by an airport and watching those big 747s take off knows exactly what I'm talking about and the awe that is involved with the sheer power of the plane and the sound the just seems to shake everything around it, and shaking everything around the Air Canada Centre might just be what alot of the semi sleeping Leafs fans might need to wake up during the game.

747 jet take off, listen to the jet at the 0:30 mark and on and imagine intensify that sound ten fold after every Leafs goal at the ACC, now that is a goal horn worth hearing.

Let me know what you think about the Leafs goal horn at the ACC?

What sound would you like to hear after Leafs goal at ACC?
Keep goal horn the same
Lets here a jet after every goal
I'd prefer something different then both

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  1. I think the jet kinda sucks...sorry. I really like the leafs current horn, I just wish that we could hear it more often.

  2. How about a crazy idea: no goal horn?

    Goal horns used to mean something. You had them in Boston, Chicago and Buffalo and that was about it (plus the Caps siren). Now every team has one.

    Why not go with a more traditional apporach and drop it all together. We're the Maple Leafs, why should we be following the crowd? And who knows, maybe it would even encourage the corpses at the ACC to make a little noise on their own.

  3. they need to get rid of that crappy techno song that they always play after goals too... get a good classic rock tune in there or something...

  4. Make it sound like a Blackberry ringtone to get the ACC crowd into it!