Monday, November 1, 2010

Dion Phoneyneuf or Captain Pylon does it make a difference?

The season is just 10 games in and the attack dogs seem to have gotten loose and their primary target seems to be new Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf. The club looks to have come back down to reality after winning their first 4 games, the club has turned around and earned just one victory in their last six games played. This should not be a surprise to most but their lack of goal scoring is a tad disheartening.

This was not what Brian Burke had in mind when he acquired some key pieces to his puzzle over the last twelve months. The season is still early and another four game winning streak may quiet the attack dogs of Leafs Nation but this was always brewing for most fans, as many myself included feel that the team was a tad to quick in handing over the captain's C to newly acquired Dion Phaneuf.

We all know that Phaneuf can talk the talk but what I am waiting for is when will Phaneuf walk the walk? Saturday's boneheaded play has finally unleashed the fury that is Leafs Nation and rightfully so. Dion Phaneuf is listed at 6'3, 215lbs then why on earth does he go into corners with players and do a one handed poke? Would using his big frame not be a better option to get a handle on the puck?

Then Phaneuf is a team worst -6 which ranks him 630th in the league with all the shots that he takes (sits 29th in league, yes more then Kessel) we would hope that he would have a goal by now but there is a big fat zero on the stat sheet. Phaneuf is also second in the league with the most shots missed, this is no surprise as he hits the glass more then any player I know in the league and if they kept stats on how many times he hits an opposing player with the puck Im sure that he would be at the top of the league in this statistic.

Dion Phaneuf seems to have missed the practice when they taught that you cant score without hitting the net,  I didnt think I would say this but where is Bryan McCabe when you need him? Im sure Kaberle is missing him everytime he feeds Phaneuf a pass on the PP and he mishandles it or rings his shot off the glass. Brian Burke has not lost faith in Phaneuf or the club and neither have I but the embarrassing play of our Captain needs to be addressed.

Leafs Nation is on the attack Dion Phoneyneuf? Captain Pylon? it doesnt really matter which name you feel is better at this stage of the season, because we need Phaneuf to step up his game and be a leader I have not lost hope on the number three, so lets stick through this Leafs fans, come on Dion we all know you can talk the talk when is it that you will finally walk the walk? Leaf fans everywhere are waiting.

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