Monday, May 17, 2010

Its time for the Leafs to change goal horn

The playoffs continue and we Leaf fans continue to enjoy the games without our beloved squad in the post season. There is a lot of talk in the blog world when it comes to the Leafs pertaining to free agents, trades and what the club can muster in the draft. 

I have decided to take another route at the moment and blog about another thing that the club can look into this off season at the Air Canada Centre and that is to change the goal horn to something a little more lively. The fans at the games in most cases are too quiet for my liking and without the scoreboard telling people when to cheer and chant who knows if any sound would come out especially from the platinum section. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

TML Fan Fury Special Guest Article on Traumatic Brain Injury

The playoffs continue and us Leaf fans continue to sit on the sidelines and enjoy but with a bit of remorse that our club is not making the playoff runs that some of the clubs are doing as we reach the final four in the quest for Lord Stanley. This is also a busy time for myself and blogging has not been as frequent as I would have liked but for our 100th post we have decided to talk hockey in general and have granted a request for a special guest blog from Chelsea Travers an outreach representative for CareMeridian on the seriousness of head injuries, having suffered a couple of concussions myself I know that its best we try to be safe and smart when we are out on the ice.