Thursday, May 19, 2011

What the Toronto Maple Leafs paid each player per point this season

Well Leafs its been over six weeks since the end of the regular season for our beloved Maple Leafs, after doing some reading over the internet on different hockey blogs I came across a very interesting statistic at Blue Notes which is a New York Rangers blog written by Steve Zipay. The Dollar Per Points or DPP, theme is a simple format that takes a look at how much a player was paid per point in the season.

The key all fans need to remember is that some players roles are not to accumulate points and a few on the list missed extended periods of time like Colton Orr who lead the club in DPP with $500,000 per his two points but also only played in 46 games, he is the clubs enforcer not goal scorer. This is all about seeing who gave the club its best bang for its buck and it was not surprising that Clarke MacArthur lead the club in this category, costing the Leafs only $17,742 DPP this season. The worst blue liner was Mike Komisarek who cost the buds $450,000 DPP with the best being Carl Gunnarsson at $40,000 DPP.

I used total salary for each player including any bonuses that would could towards that cap and rounded the cents to the nearest dollar with a minimum of 45 games played in the clubs uniform so you will see a few ex Leafs on the list with their full season point totals.


Colton Orr: $1,000,000 (2 points) = $500,000 DPP
Fredrik Sjostrom: $750,000 (5 points) = $150,000 DPP
Joffrey Lupol: $4,250,000 (31 points) = $137,097 DPP
Colby Armstrong: $3,000,000 (23 points) = 130,435 DPP
Tyler Bozak: $3,750,000 (32 points) = $117,188 DPP
Phil Kessel: $5,400,000 (64 points) = $84,375 DPP
Mike Brown: $537,500 (8 points) = $67,188 DPP
Kris Versteeg: $3,083,333 (46 points) = $67,029 DPP
Mikhail Grabovski: $2,900,000 (58 points) = $50,000 DPP
Nikolai Kulemin: $2,350,000 (57 points) = $41,228 DPP
Darryl Boyce: $527,500 (13 points) = $40,577 DPP
Joey Crabb: $525,000 (15 points) = $35,000 DPP
Tim Brent: $575,000 (20 points) = $28,750 DPP
Clarke MacArthur: $1,100,000 (62 points) = $17,742 DPP


Mike Komisarek: $4,500,000 (10 points) = $450,000 DPP
Francois Beauchemin: $3,800,000 (17 points) = $223, 353 DPP
Dion Phaneuf: $6,500,000 (30 points) = $216,667 DPP
Luke Schenn: $2,975,000 (22 points) = $135,227 DPP
Tomas Kaberle $4,250,000 (47 points) = $90,426 DPP
Carl Gunnarsson $800,000 (20 points) = $40,000 DPP

There you have it Leafs Nation hope you enjoyed seeing what the Buds paid for every point on the roster this season.

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  1. Cool stat. I would want to see something like: what is the average, or what is the desirable threshold and then you can make a better judgement on whether the player is "valuable" or not. For example, Kessel at $84k/point. Is that good? I mean, he's being paid a lot, but he put up decent points. Would be interesting to have it broken down into G+A as well.

  2. Very hard to read this font colour dude.