Monday, February 27, 2012

Maple Leafs brass decide to steer through the wreckage

The trade deadline cometh and it has been taken away and many in Leafs Nation are a little shocked, a little puzzled and a little angry with the lack of movement by Leafs GM Brian Burke at this years NHL trade deadline or as it should be known "a lot of hype with really no bang."

The Leafs needed a power forward, with sand paper and a nose to the net and Burke acquired one and no his name was not Rick Nash this guy came from Tampa. His name Carter Ashton the 20 year old former first rounder who landed in Toronto for Leafs blue liner Keith Aulie. Ashton is the son of former NHLer Brent Ashton and is the power forward just not one that will help the club now but in the future.

The Leafs have had shaky goaltending all season with Reimer or Gustavsson unable to claim the vacant #1 spot but Burke decided it was best to go with the status quo, with no veteran netminder in the organization, the Leafs will now live or die with the goaltending that has had players shaking their heads, let alone the fans. 
I would like to have as much faith in this tandem as it seems Burke does... unfortunately I don't.

The Leafs team has a confidence issue as there current horrible trend shows, it continues to fall behind in games because of shoddy defensive coverage, poor goaltending and the team seems shell shocked, a veteran leader was another piece that Burke could have gotten his hands on, once again Burke decided that the status quo was the way to go. The youngest team in the NHL, that is in a free fall in the standings does not need leadership, once again Burke has a lot more confidence in this group then I do.

This was a deadline that finally meant something to Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fans, to the City of Toronto, to pubs and restaurants who's businesses spike in sales when the blue and white get into the post season, this was a deadline that mattered as the club is the closest that it has ever been to making the playoffs since the lock out. 

This was a deadline that was just that, dead for Leafs Nation, Brian Burke I hope your right and your loyalty pays off but after 4 years the Nation that is made of Leafs fans is growing impatient, the status quo is slowly becoming unacceptable.

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Note: The Leafs also made a minor deal just before 3pm sending forward Dale Mitchell to Anaheim for defensemen Mark Fraser.

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