Sunday, June 7, 2009

Toronto is Maple Leafs country

The rumours continue to swirl around another team in the greater Toronto area after another group the third in the last month came out this past week to show their blueprint for another team in the area. Toronto can handle another NHL team their is no doubt about it but the Leafs seem to want to keep the area all to themselves, the last thing they want is a team to compete in its market and worse yet be successful both on and off the ice. Toronto and its billions of dollars is the most successful team in the league when it comes to making money and another team in the area would dip into the teams revenue streams. The Maple Leafs do not want to lose that one ticket buyer, that one jersey purchaser or that one tv viewer to another team in their market and unless the team is compensated to their liking in the form of millions of dollars, we will not see another NHL team in their market for a very long time no matter who decides to call the next news conference in this city. Toronto is Maple Leaf country and no Toronto Legacy, Toronados or whatever other team nickname some interested investors come up with is going to change that. The trick to getting a team in Toronto just might be to sit with MLSE and tell them how many millions your willing to give them to get another team in this city and then and only then might they listen.

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  1. Another team would be exicting to have in the city, the NHL should move forward with this.