Monday, June 15, 2009

Will Brian Burke stick to his motto come draft day?

The NHL season is over and it has been another season where we have missed the Buds in the post season. The team has been preparing for the off season with many moves concerning the Marlies team coaching staff, goaltending coaches and medical staff but will these moves be as big as what can happen on Draft day June 26/27 in Montreal? I think not. Brian Burke has in the past been a player via the trade route on draft day but the jury is still out if he can perform some magic this time around that would benefit the Maple Leafs. The Leafs currently have the 7th Overall Pick in the draft this season and there are many players the team could take at this slot to help the team in the future unfortunately none are named Tavares or Hedman. Burke has always been an avid fan of building a team from the goalie out and if this continues their is no better pick at this spot in the draft then big 6 foot 5 Spokane defensemen Jared Cowan. Cowan and Schenn could be a potent shut down pair in the blue and white for years to come. Cowan is getting over a knee injury but his size and great skating for a prospect of his age is something the Leafs would enjoy. Cowan is underated in his offensive ability and has been compared to Adam Foote in some circles. The Leafs could also go another way and take Russian prospect and Drummondville offensive defensemen Dmitry Kulikov who was awarded the best defensemen in the QMJHL this past season. Kulikov has the potential to be a number one or two defensemen in the NHL . Kulikov does not only have offensive flair but is also strong in his own end and partnered with Schenn in the Blue and White could provide the team with a potent 1-2 punch in future years. The key of course is will Cowan or Kulikov live up to their potential to be solid defensemen in the NHL for years to come, if that is the case then the next question would be if Burke sticks to his rule of building the team from the goaltender out and if the answer is yes which many think so then one of these two young prospects could be wearing the team colors when training camp opens up in September.

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