Monday, October 12, 2009

Lets smile Leafs Nation, its a long season

The Maple Leafs are winless in five games and counting, what is there to say that alot of people are not already thinking, saying or screaming so i though it might be a great time to have a look at some funny Maple Leaf cartoon pics from artist I find they are the best pics that are appropriate at this stage in the season to bring a smile or a least a smirk to peoples faces and remember lets not panic yet Leafs Nation its five games in and the Leafs could still go 77-0-0 the rest of the way with a small goaltending change.

Could change this to 2009/10 season
Might need a bit more magic

Ron Wilson is in hot water
The haunting number

Top 2 Cup winners in for long year

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  1. I like these a lot. Mind if we use some for FrozenWarRoom? We will of course directly link back to you.