Monday, October 5, 2009

Maple Leafs facing a goaltending problem two games in?

The Leafs have played two games this season and already fans are screaming about the teams goaltending. Vesa Toskala has looked average at best in four periods of play as the Leafs dropped both their games to start the season. Jonas Gustavsson didnt look out of place in his relief appearance and some might say looked better in the third period but lets not kid ourselves the Capitals took their foot off the gas in that period after being up 6-1 after two so the score was a little deceiving. Then there is Joey McDonald who played superb in the Toronto Marlies debut a shootout victory over the Hamilton Bulldogs. Brian Burke and Ron Wilson were said to be huddling at this game yesterday to discuss the matter between the pipes. Toronto Maple Leafs fans want to see the "The Monster" get his shot at starting tomorrow night against the Leafs hated provincial rivals the Ottawa Senators but is it not a little too early to give up on Vesa Toskala for a keeper who has proved nothing? The Leafs defensive play has been poor and Toskala has been left out to dry on many of the oppositions team goals in these first two games, besides the first goal in Washington can we honestly say any of these other goals are his fault or more in tune with poor defensive coverage? Luke Schenn has looked slow and sluggish, Mike Komisarek is parading to the box more times then necessary and Francois Beauchemin is making poor decisions on his play reading. There is nothing a goalkeeper can do about that. The season is two games in and with eighty games to go, its fair to say that the Monster will get his shot between the pipes, possibly even tomorrow night but it is too early to throw Toskala to the wolves he deserves better then that and some leeway for now and if Joey McDonald plays like he did yesterday this goaltending controversy will get a whole lot interesting.

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