Monday, January 11, 2010

What is fun about being a Leafs fan right now

The Maple Leafs continue their tail spin away from a post season spot and currently sit nine points back of the eighth and final spot in the NHL's Eastern Conference. Maple Leaf fans around the globe continue to suffer from various negative emotional feelings in the early weeks of 2010 whether it is anger, rage, fury, sadness or frustration there has been little to be content about as one decade has ended and another has begun. 

The Toronto Maple Leafs continue to struggle to score goals even though they are the league leaders in shots per game, what this tells us is that the Leafs lack finishers, who would have though it? The Leafs have the worst penalty killing unit in the NHL and are close to being the worst of all time, placing your sticks into passing lanes while killing penalties seems to be some sort of artistic form for this bunch, who would have though it?

There is not much to look forward to as this season continues to unravel in the wrong way but we have decided to take a look at the other side of the coin and find what is enjoyable about being a Maple Leaf Fan this season.

- Watching the Leafs defeat the Habs or Senators (happened twice this season)
- Enjoying the development of Gustavsson, Kulemin and Gunnarsson (coming along)
- Wondering which UFAs the Leafs will keep or let go? (not many for Leafs sake)
- Awaiting the trade deadline on March 3, 2010 (who will go)
- Spending time with family and friends watching the games (upset together)
- Hockey Night in Canada on Saturdays (is their anything better)
- Wondering who will center Kessel next season (signing a playmaking UFA)
- Anticipating the Leafs scoring first goal of the game (better then down 2-0 all the time)

These are just a few things we enjoy about the season and hopefully for us and all Leaf fans we will be able to enjoy a few win streaks as well. What have been your enjoyable moments of the season?

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