Sunday, August 22, 2010

The times they are a Changin' in Leafland

The hockey season is just around the corner now and most Leaf fans are hoping that this will be the season to see improvement by the Buds, hell who knows maybe even a long winning streak but what comes to mind through all the gloom of the past seasons is a song by Bob Dylan that gives some hope and has a few similarities to what has happened or can happen in Leafland.

The popular song by Bob Dylan about "The times they are a Changin'" heeds to mind what we in Leafland have been experiencing as Brian Burke continues to make over the roster to a team that will come out to compete every night and most importantly return to the playoffs. The Leafs as in Dylan's first stanza have been sinking like a stone since the lockout with lackluster performances and no playoffs.

Dylan then goes on in the second stanza to describe writers(sports reporters) and critics(fans) to enjoy knocking the club as has been the case from the Phil Kessel trade to not being able to move Tomas Kaberle but Dylan does go on to say dont speak so soon as wheel still spins(the team continues improvement) and that the loser now will be the winner later as most Leaf fans can only hope for.

Dylan's third stanza talks about senators(Leafs ownership) and congressmen(Leafs management) to not block the doorway or stand in the hall they need to take action to get this team back to respectability, the fans not only want this, they demand it. The teams return to the playoffs will have this city buzzing to the point that it would shake your windows and rattle your walls.

Dylan's fourth stanza is the best of all talking about mothers, fathers and children(Leaf fans of different generations) the love for the team is sometimes beyond your control and you cant get angry or frustrated with the team if you do not have a passion for them in the first place. The players need to get on a new road with a new direction and those that dont want to work together should get out of the way and sent packing whether it be to the Marlies, via trade or benched.

The key to Dylan's last stanza is that the present now will soon be the past cause "The times they are a Changin'"

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  1. The Leafs' have a better chance then ever to make run at post-season play...