Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toronto Maple Leafs release TV schedule for 2010-11

The Toronto Maple Leafs have released their TV schedule for the 2010-11 season and all the teams games will be televised once again this season with Leafs TV showing 12 games, CBC 24 games, TSN 17 games and Sportsnet 29 games. The team will also have all its preseason games televised with 6 games on Leafs TV.

Leafs TV Schedule below


7- vs Montreal 7pm (CBC)
9- vs Ottawa 7pm (CBC)
13- at Pittsburgh 7:30pm (TSN)
15- at NY Rangers 7pm (Sportsnet)
18- vs NY Islanders 7pm (Leafs TV)
21- vs NY Rangers 7pm (TSN)
23- at Philadelphia 7pm (CBC)
26- vs Florida 7pm (Sportsnet)
28- at Boston 7pm (Leafs TV)
30- vs NY Rangers 7pm (CBC)


2- vs Ottawa 7pm (Sportsnet)
3- at Washington 7pm (TSN)
6- vs Buffalo 7pm (CBC)
9- at Tampa 7:30pm (Sportsnet)
10- at Florida 7:30pm (TSN)
13- vs Vancouver 7pm (CBC)
16- vs Nashville 7pm (Sportsnet)
18- vs New Jersey 7pm (Leafs TV)
20- at Montreal 7pm (CBC)
22- vs Dallas 7pm (Sportsnet)
26- at Buffalo 7:30pm (TSN)
27- at Ottawa 7pm (CBC)
30- vs Tampa 7pm (Sportsnet)


2- vs Edmonton 7pm (Leafs TV)
4- vs Boston 7pm (CBC)
6- at Washington 7pm (Sportsnet)
8- at Pittsburgh 7pm (TSN)
9- vs Philadelphia 7pm (TSN)
11- vs Montreal 7pm (CBC)
14- at Edmonton 9pm (Sportsnet)
16- at Calgary 9:30pm (Leafs TV)
18- at Vancouver 7pm (CBC)
20- vs Atlanta 7pm (Sportsnet)
26- at New Jersey 7pm (Leafs TV)
28- vs Carolina 7pm (Sportsnet)
30- vs Columbus 7pm (Leafs TV)


1- at Ottawa 7pm (CBC)
3- vs Boston 7pm (Sportsnet)
6- vs St Louis 7pm (TSN)
7- at Atlanta 7:30pm (Sportsnet)
10- at Los Angeles 10:30pm (Leafs TV)
11- at San Jose 10:30pm (Sportsnet)
13- at Phoenix 9pm (Leafs TV)
15- vs Calgary 7pm (CBC)
19- at NY Rangers 7pm (TSN)
20- vs Anaheim 7pm (Sportsnet)
22- vs Washington 7pm (CBC)
24- at Carolina 7pm (Sportsnet)
25- at Tampa 7:30pm (TSN)


1- vs Florida 7pm (Sportsnet)
3- vs Carolina 7pm (TSN)
5- at Buffalo 7pm (CBC)
7- vs Atlanta 7pm (Sportsnet)
8- at NY Islanders 7pm (Sportsnet)
10- vs New Jersey 7pm (TSN)
12- at Montreal 7pm (CBC)
15- at Boston 7pm (Sportsnet)
16- at Buffalo 7pm (TSN)
19- vs Ottawa 7pm (CBC)
22- vs NY Islanders 7pm (Leafs TV)
24- at Montreal 7:30pm (Sportsnet)
26- vs Pittsburgh 7pm (CBC)
27- at Atlanta 5pm (Sportsnet)


2- vs Pittsburgh 7pm (TSN)
3- at Philadelphia 7pm (Sportsnet)
5- vs Chicago 7pm (CBC)
8- at NY Islanders 7pm (Sportsnet)
10- vs Philadelphia 7pm (Leafs TV)
12- vs Buffalo 7pm (CBC)
14- vs Tampa 7pm (Sportsnet)
16- at Carolina 7pm (TSN)
17- at Florida 7:30pm (Sportsnet)
19- vs Boston 7pm (CBC)
22- at Minnesota 8pm (Leafs TV)
24- at Colorado 9pm (Sportsnet)
26- at Detroit 7pm (CBC)
29- vs Buffalo 7pm (Sportsnet)
31- at Boston 7pm (TSN)


2- at Ottawa 7pm (CBC)
5- vs Washington 7pm (Sportsnet)
6- at New Jersey 7pm (TSN)
9- vs Montreal 7pm (CBC)

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