Monday, January 9, 2012

The toughest players to wear the Maple Leaf sweater

With NHL fighting slowly tampering off as most clubs look for not only a player that can fight but a player that can fight and still play a role with the club. The days of clubs carrying enforcers that play 4 minutes a game look to be coming to an end as the NHL slowly moves in a different direction.

It is hard to argue the NHL's direction, with the league at its highest levels in revenue, TV contracts, attendance and TV ratings. The league is not looking to abolish fighting at this time but for as many that enjoy this practice, there are just as many that feel if they want to watch a  fight they will tune into a  boxing or mixed martial arts contest.

The Maple Leafs have had their share of enforcers with some not only being able to fight but also play the game. There have been some mean umbres wearing the blue and white over the course of this franchise and I take a look at who I feel are the 10 toughest players to wear the Maple Leaf sweater. 

Fight stats courtesy of

Todd Gill
Maple Leaf Fights: 51
Career NHL Fights: 60
Highlight: Gill scored 11 goals in a season twice

Jim Korn
Maple Leaf Fights: 23
Career NHL Fights: 65
Highlight: 1988/89 scored career high 15 goals


Bob McGill
Maple Leaf Fights: 88
Career NHL Fights: 142
Highlight: 1989/90 had a career high 12 points
John Kordic
Maple Leaf Fights: 37
Career NHL Fights: 88
 Highlight: 1989/90 scored a career high 9 goals

Darcy Tucker
Maple Leaf Fights: 38
Career NHL Fights: 78
Highlight: five 20+ goal seasons
Tim Horton
Maple Leaf Fights: 11
Career NHL Fights: 13
Highlight: 4 Stanley Cup titles

Bob Baun
Maple Leaf Fights: 29
Career NHL Fights: 35
Highlight: 4 Stanley Cup titles
Wendel Clark
Maple Leaf Fights: 108
Career NHL Fights: 116
Highlight: 1993/94 scored career high 46 goals
Dave "Tiger" Williams
Maple Leaf Fights: 114
Career NHL Fights: 229
Highlight: 1980/81 scored career high 35 goals
Tie Domi
Maple Leaf Fights: 189
Career NHL Fights: 271
Highlight: 2002/03 scored career high 15 goals
Well there you have it Leafs Nation the 10 players who I feel where the toughest to wear the blue and white, I also want to give an honourable mention to Carl Brewer, Wilf Paiement, Red Horner,Wade Belak and Colton Orr.  

Are there any others you feel should be on this list?

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